My story so far

I am an overseas born chinese guy, married with a toddler child, currently in my late 30’s and work in a bank.

I have been a lifetime sufferer of eczema starting with hayfever allergies during my early teenage years in the UK. During those summer periods, I would also sometimes get bouts of mild eczema on the fold of my arms, legs and on my neck due to heat rash. It was uncomfortable but largely non-intrusive and life was largely normal in those days with doctor’s prescription of antihistamines, creams and sometimes mild steroid cream.

I settled in Hong Kong in the late 1990’s looking for better career opportunities and adapting to the metropolitan lifestyle of Hong Kong, my eczema condition started to slowly take on a whole new lease of life since my move to Hong Kong. Over the years, my bouts of eczema flare outs had gotten more aggressive and frequent over time with more intensive itching sensations spreading the condition initially to the legs, then body, back and eventually everywhere including the face. Over the same period, I would goto see different western skin specialist doctors to address the issue and they would prescribe stronger and stronger dosage of anti-histamines and steroid cream. After every prescription dosage, the eczema flare out would reside returning firstly after a year, then shortening to 9 months, and then with stronger steroid cream shortening to 6 months, and then progressively to 3 months and eventually more recently to 1 month even after taking steroid pills as a medication.

Over the same period, my general well being had deteriorated with lower energy levels and a less active lifestyle due to the eczema condition. At it’s worst, I couldn’t sleep from the itch and inner heat, I couldn’t concentrate to work, I couldn’t walk without pain and dreaded having showers everyday with the burning pain that came with cleaning the thousands of wound cuts all over my body. Social life became an embarrassment and my self esteem was very low. It got to a low point where I basically concluded western medication isn’t going to work and I had to take charge of my own health or face a prolonged slow death from the torture that I was experiencing. I started to seriously research and read up on eczema treatment.

Interestingly, it became apparent to me and I am also convinced by it from personal experience that steroid creams not only doesn’t really help with eczema but it deteriorates your health to make eczema more problematic over the long term. Hence, over the last six months, I have completely stopped using steroid cream and have been trying alternative remedies. In this blog, I hope to share some useful experiences to readers and I truly wish strength and inner peace to other acute eczema sufferers who are reading this blog. I understand that eczema can feel like a life-long torture but it can be managed out!


6 thoughts on “My story so far

  1. Thank you for sharing your blog. I’ve been going through the same thing since coming to HK from UK. I had no eczema at all in UK and none in HK from my 2 months summer holidays. As soon as I decided to come live here and work, eczema showed up after 3 months and it has tortured my life for the past few years….the Western doctors were so sick of seeing me, they told me there was no cure and to return to UK. If only life was that easy! Anyhow I’m on my 3rd Chinese doctor, hopefully they can help improve the situation. 🙂

    • Thanks SM. I hope you find the blog useful and have time to look through. I will update the blog from time to time with what I feel is useful info rather than turning the blog into a public dairy log. Hence, please feel welcome to follow. Please note one of my posts have details of my Chinese doctor contact. Check it out. HK can be a stressful city if a degenerative lifestyle is pursued as there are so many temptations – the temptation of money with career, the temptation of pleasure with all kinds of entertainment. Take care and remember to look after your body, mind and soul! William

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