Lucas Papaw Ointment & Eczema


Further to prior posts on recommending moisturisers for eczema, I would like to recommend another effective ointment that I have used for my eczema. It is called Lucas’ Papaw Ointment and originates from Australia. This is a petroleum jelly-based product with fermented papaya, i.e. similar to vaseline but the fermented papaya properties (presumably rich in vitamin e) takes it to another level in terms of healing characteristics. More information about the product can be found on their website at

This product can be purchased online and it is reasonably cost effective. In fact, the overseas delivery charges may cost more than the product itself. Hence, if you have friends in Australia, they may be able to help save you a few bucks through helping with the logistics.

In terms of personal experiences, I found that this was the only product that could help me during the worst of my eczema when my skin felt like planks of wood. At the time, all the water-based moisturisers that I was using was ineffective and even coconut oil would dry up within 30 minutes of application. The papaw ointment was the only product that could keep my skin moist for a good few hours and the way I would use it is to apply it on wet skin straight after a bath to lock in the moisture and keep my skin supple and protected. Additionally, the ointment is good for healing scratch cuts… Minor cuts would close overnight.


6 thoughts on “Lucas Papaw Ointment & Eczema

  1. I was wondering abiut that todya! I have used it before for burns but not eczsma. I am withdrawing from steroid cream at the moment and started wondering if i could use paw paw cream on my face. My trigger is salycilic acid, and paw paw is low in it, so i am definitely going to try that!!! Thanks for that post!

  2. hey again!
    I want to give you an update on my eczema. I hadn’t read all your blog so not sure if you had a food allergy test done. well I got one done 5 yrs ago and it showed nothing, since my condition has deteriorated lately and much persuasion of my chinese doctor, I got another done and the results made total sense – dairy, egg and wheat gluten allergies. it’s so uncommon here….I will have to stick to meat and salad. breakfast is hardest to plan! get a blood test done in case youve been eating stuff that has been triggering it 🙂

    • Hi SM,

      I have had a allergy test done before as well a long time ago. Sometimes, the accuracy of the tests are questionable when you already have eczema and your immune system is already in override mode, especially if you are taking western medicine such as steroids which would impact your immune system (Please don’t use steroid… I didn’t know better at the time). I find that keeping a logbook over time is more accurate but you have to be religious with it in terms of logging all the food you eat as well as disciplined with food introduction to eliminate the triggers.

      Taking a step back, eczema is an immune problem disease and so as the eczema gets worse, the immune system gets even more sensitive and you start to become allergic to things you were never allergic to. This happened to me too… I became super allergic to dust mite (off the scale readings), and slightly allergic to yeast (e.g. bread) and seafood (always a minor problem). In the later days, I became sensitive to gluten too as I would always bloat after consuming gluten food. However, things are now better as my eczema recovers. I am now 80% healed but I am still very careful with food as I have been for at least 2 years now.

      Keep the faith.

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