Coping with Eczema? Read These Tips for Emotional Health (Guest post)

It's an Itchy Little World

Eczema can really get you down – whether you have eczema yourself or you’re a caregiver for someone who has this skin condition. Either way, it’s not easy dealing with the daily emotional and physical stress that eczema brings. After a long journey of battling eczema physically, today Abby shares her advice for coping with eczema emotionally. So get ready to relate to this piece, big time.


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13 Foods That Reduce Inflammation (Guest Post)

It's an Itchy Little World

By  Sabrina Taylor (Bio below)

There’s not much of a silver lining when you have skin inflammation. Red, itchy, tender, swollen skin is just not pleasant. Unfortunately, skin inflammation seems to be quite prevalent these days and most people don’t realize how much they can do to prevent it.

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