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This is a blog to share useful experiences in dealing with eczema in Hong Kong with natural and unharmful remedies. This blog also advocates the non-use of steroid creams / medication. Lastly, no sales adverts please.


21 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi William, my name is Robert, I work for a company called DreamSkin Health. The company manufactures and sells a product called DreamSkin: garments for children (including infants) and adults who suffer from eczema. The garments are made of 100% medical grade silk and can be worn under normal clothes. They are suitable for sufferers of eczema, dermatitis and dry skin and are treated with a special polymer which helps relieve itching and improve hydration of dry and damaged skin, as well as restore and maintain the skin’s natural temperature process and provide an external barrier effect against irritants. They offer a clean and natural alternative to topical creams and lotions, which are often messy, greasy and have to be inconveniently reapplied throughout the day. The garments are a categorised as a Class1 Medical Device, available on NHS prescription in the United Kingdom.
    Our products are primarily sold in the UK, although we also have a distributor in China, and I am currently in charge of distribution in Taiwan. We have had extremely positive reviews from our customers and sales are increasing in Europe as well as Asia. If you would like more information about the garments, the company, or if you would like to try out the garments, please reply to this comment and I will be glad to help in any way I can.

  2. Hi William, I just came across your blog. Thanks for sharing such useful information. I wish more people would believe and have faith in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it’s also important to find a good herbalist as I have come across ones that really don’t know what they are doing haha. I hope you are completely healed now xxx ahfaye

  3. Hi William
    I’ve been having eczema since small, and been using steroid for maybe 30 years. After moving from Msia to HK 10 years ago, noticed my problem got worse and I’m relying more on steroid. So last month, I decided to turn to Chinese doctor since people have been saying eczema can be cured by Chinese medicine but not western.

    It was a mistake for me. After taking the first dose of medicine, my itchiness got worse that night. After the second dose, my eyes were swelling the next day. I immediately went to the doctor. He said this is expected (he didn’t preempt me). And the swelling would stay like that for few days. Asked me to finish the third dose, and prescribed another three doses which should be milder. The thing is, the swelling dint just stay like that, but got worse day after day. My whole face & neck were swollen badly for one week, and after it subsided, it was my whole body. This Chinese doctor then went on long holiday so was unable to reach him. I went to western doctor to do blood test to make sure my internal organs were not harmed. Luckily they are ok. So doctor said it should be some allergy to the Chinese medicine. He did not suggest to take steroid at this point of time (he’s not a skin specialist, just a good GP referred by another Chinese doctor). Since the swelling on face could subside by itself, and I was totally fine despite the swelling, he believes the swelling on body should heal by itself too. Now after three weeks from the day my body started swelling, it’s left with my lower part of legs and my feet. My hands are ok now. However my skin, from face to toe, is very fragile, red, peeling-off and inflamed. Condition gets better & worse on and off. Very unstable.

    I’m very lost of what to do next. Should I go to my skin specialist and get steroid to suppress it? Wait further to let my body heal itself? (The inflammation with yellow liquid is unbearable.) Or go to another Chinese doctor who can really help? I kinda have phobia to Chinese medicine now.

    I have no idea of which doctor to go to now. I’m afraid of another round of allergy. Not sure if you’re able to share or advise any thought? Thanks very much.


    • Hi CC,

      Western medicine will suppress.
      Chinese medicine will release.

      When I took Chinese medicine, I had a hard time for 2 years (1 of which I had to spend 6 months working at home and another 6 months off sick because the flares out were physically painful)

      You need to be prepared. You cannot expect Chinese medicine to cure you in 10 doses if you have had eczema for 30 years.

      Having a flare out taking Chinese medicine means it is working. You also need to watch your diet. I am happy to talk to you live over a coffee if you want. Send me a SMS at +852 96895967 identifying yourself as CC eczema reader.

      Keep the faith


      • Hi William

        Thanks for the prompt reply. The Chinese doctor did tell me my problem needs at least one year to treat. I was ok with that, since I’ve suffered from it for so many years. But what I din’t expect is the reaction is so big scale. So Chinese treatment will sure let it flare out so ‘massively’? Can’t it be slow & steady? Sorry if I’m ignorant. So should let it just flare out without any medication? Even the inflammation?

        Now I’m planning to go to skin specialist to get some medicine to calm down the immiflamation and to reduce itchiness. But will insist not to take steroid. Then when condition is more settled, go to Chinese doctor for long term healing. What do you think?


        P/s: I’m not in HK these few days.


  4. My son name is Nathan William Gunawan, 14th years old and we are residing In Jakarta, Indonesia. my son have a skin condition known as Eczema and I would like to request for consultation or any advice upon the issue. Ever since he was a child, I had mild allergies and asthma but it had never affected my skin that much. Recently, my son’s skin condition has been getting worse and he has visited several doctors but to no great avail. He had gone one a vegetarian diet for about 2 months when i visited a herbal doctor but it did him no good so we decided to stop it. We had recently visited Singapore to consult with an Eczema specialist who had told me to swim every day while taking 15mg of prednisolone every 48 hours. This has helped my skin get better by about 50% but It is still very dry and i get itches from time to time.

    I would like to humbly request for your opinion or suggetions upon my son’s skin treatment. Any comment or suggestion would be very much appreciated and taken seriously.

    Thank you,

    Farman Gunawan

  5. Hi, I run a bio-medical company offering a new method to treat eczema without steroids or antibiotics. I want to invite you to try our products. Please let me know if you are interested! thx!

    • Hi Tom,

      I am now actually much better but I had a quick look at your website and would be interested to find out more about it as there seems to be some science behind your products. As much as I can, I want to help other people suffering eczema. I will send you a private email to touch base.

      Regards William

  6. Hi William, I’d like to thank you for writing this blog. It seems as though we have been living similar lives: eczema (and in my case asthma) since childhood, steroids all my life, eczema worsening recently especially after the arrival of my daughter (now 10 months). Eczema has defined my life and now prevents me from being the father/ husband I want to me. The hardest part is thay my daughter has it and clearly inherited the atopic gene from me. This past year has taken me on a quest to find a non-steroidal cure for our eczema. We’ve given in at times when we felt we’ve had no choice but now have affirmed our resolve and continue pursuing alternatives (homeopathy, kinesiology, allergy testing, elimination diets etc..). I am currently experiencing a healing crisis/ a second round of severe steroid withdrawal symptoms but I am optimistic We will come better for it. Your blog has helped me with some suggestions so I wanted to thank you. I started the HK Eczema Solutions Facebook group if you’d like to join, I think you’d be a valuable asset. Btw – Dr. Rapaport, co-founder of ITSAN is my Derm and he changed my life (what he says works), I just didn’t have the resolve to stay off steroids. Now that I have a child I do. Thanks again, let me know if you’d ever care to meet up. Derek

    • Glad you found it useful Derek and pleasure to join your network. As much as I can, I want to help people dealing with chronic eczema as I know how hard it is. To good health and a good year ahead! Keep the faith and stay positive!

  7. Hello.
    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and have read most of your posts. You haven’t posted in months and I’m just wondering whether or not you’re fully healed? I’ve gone the TCM route and it has done wonders for me! I’m thinking of visiting HK sometime in 2013. Would you be able to forward the contact info of your TCM practitioner? I’m 68 days into TSW and while most of the rashes/blisters are gone, I still have trouble sleeping in the AM. More specifically, I always wake up to an intense itch. Any tips or advice?
    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have found it useful. I blog from time to time on sharings only after I am sufficiently convinced myself that it is useful and proved. Hence, it isn’t as updated as frequently as some of the other blogs. I do have a few posts in draft but I haven’t gotten round to completing them but you are giving me motivation.

      Personally, I am now 95% healed. I can lead a normal life and go cycling twice a week, have the energy to play with my boy and is able to not have a scratch frenzy all the time. It has take me a whole year with the right Chinese doctor + another 2 years on the wrong course. I am still keeping a strict diet until i am 100%. Keep a strict diet and keep taking the herbal tea to cleanse and rebuild. Keep the faith. For the last 4 months, I have also been taking sheep placenta (zell v) per Chinese doctor recommendation. It has helped a lot with my vitality and skin cleansing.

      On itchiness, avoid late nights and fried food. Also, tell your Chinese doctor, there are some herbs which help with itchiness.

      Good luck and hope you recover soon. Stay the course and be patient. Happy Christmas


  8. I have a history of eczema since last 20 years, but since last 1 week it has become very active and started to appear on my neck, hands, thighs and private parts, can you suggest me a doctor in Hong Kong, who is best in curing / treating eczema

  9. Hi, I am thankful for your blog and I’m glad there is someone as kind as you out there who is willing to share. Could you please share the contact of your chinese practitioner. I am suffering from bad eczema on my face especially the forehead. Itchy and painful.

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