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Recently, I have also started another blog and I think it would also be a good read for readers whom are suffering from eczema.

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Eczema and Aloe Vera


When I take my daily bath in coconut oil and tea tree oil for 20 minutes, sometimes I would have a Aloe Vera mask if my facial eczema is really bad.

I would basically cut a leaf of aloe vera, skin it and just use the clear jelly, blend it with a little water and a spoon of honey. Put it in the fridge and use it as needed. It is very soothing and immediately calms down redness / inflammation. I would recommend this to users and just in case, you should try a little first to see if you are allergic to either honey or aloe vera.

Regarding the aloe vera, there are actually many kinds and it is easy to grow (plenty of sunshine and a little water in fertile soil). The picture illustrates the aloe Vera that I have. As it grows, siblings drop off and grow on the side and you can replant them as another aloe plant. Alternatively, I do notice you can get them in park n shop for HK$20 a leaf but it would much cheaper to grow it yourself. Also, be careful if you are thinking of eating it as not all aloe plants are edible.

Eczema & washing lotions

In the past, I would use mild chemical based washing lotions to deal with my eczema ( the most used being seba-med). However, I recently came across an organic product made purely of natural ingredients that I could understand. This product is called Aquarius mineral body wash. It is from the US and certified organic and comes in different scent but I use the peppermint scent. The product is made of the following ingredients: mineral salt, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and essential oils.

One word of caution, if you have cuts / wounds, using this product will sting because, I think, of the salt content reacting to the wounds. Otherwise, I find that this is a product that I can trust. You can get this product at Green at heart (please refer to other blog article).

Below is a picture of the body wash.


Eczema & lotions

There are a number of different cream, moisturizers and lotions that I have used over the years to battle eczema. I will cover them over a number of posts giving my own opinion and experience of them. However, it is the reader’s own decision whether they wish to try them.

First of all, I will cover Lavera neutral face cream and body lotion. (See picture below). This is a German brand and quite a pricey product. I have recently started to use this product line and I like it very much for its organic ingredients and neutral scent.

Its main selling point is organic ingredients. The neutral line is fragrance free and contains organic evening primrose & sea buckthorn oil (anti-inflammatory), jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, oilive oil and shea butter (anti-oxidant & moisturising).

I purchase them from ThreeSixty costing about HK$200 each for the face cream and body lotion. (Please shout if anybody can find them cheaper elsewhere)

The face cream is very rich and thick. Most people would only need a small blob (but I need a big blob) to cover the entire face. The face cream doesn’t have any scent and takes about 5 mins to absorb into the skin after which you will see a glossy shine on the face.

The body lotion feels more water based and quickly absorbs into the skin without feeling too sticky.

Below is the website to their products


Eczema and virgin coconut oil

In Hong Kong, virgin coconut oil can be purchased in some of the higher-end supermarkets, e.g. ThreeSixty or CitySuper. You can also get it in some of the smaller organic shops dotted in the territory. When you go to buy coconut oil, it is important that you buy cold pressed virgin coconut oil to ensure the product is 100% natural and pure and not subsequently contaminated with chemicals via modern manufacturing processes.

On virgin coconut oil, I have found two remedies that is useful to treating eczema.

1. Bathing. I bath everyday in lukewarm water for 20 to 30 minutes with 20 drops of pure organic tea tree oil and 4 tea spoons of virgin coconut oil. Sometimes, I would also add organic olive oil. This is very soothing and moisturizing. The coconut oil helps to moisturize whereas the tea tree oil helps to heal wounds as an antiseptic. Note: Do not bath in hot water as you may feel itchy when you step out of the bath and dry yourself. Additionally, if you have cuts and wounds, there may be some stinking sensation but keep bathing for a few days and you will notice the wounds will close and inflammation will die down.

2. Moisturizing oil. I mix the coconut oil with organic olive oil and tea tree oil together to create a oil-based moisturizer and apply it to my skin as needed. The tea tree oil performs the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral function. The olive oil is rich in vitamin e and heals the skin. The coconut oil is rich in medium length fatty acids that is also good the skin. Note: As this is an oil based moisturizer, if you have very dry skin, you may need to supplement it with a water-based lotion to keep your skin hydrated but it is a good moisturizer with no chemicals.