Healthworks Hong Kong (健康工房) – Modernised Chinese Herbal Tea shop

In this post, I would like to share another recommendation of a store that I like and would visit from time to time.  This store is called Healthworks Hong Kong (健康工房) and it is actually a health shop franchise with about 20 stores in Hong Kong (See address below).

Healthworks (健康工房) is a modernised Chinese Herbal Tea shop that offers ready made herbal tea, recuperating Chinese soup, and healthy dim sum snacks.  I quite like this store as I feel this store starts with the customer experience rather than making money.  Sometimes, I would go and buy one of the herbal teas when I go and grab some sushi for lunch in the ThreeSixty supermarket.

The kind of herbal teas that Healthworks offer are generic herbal tea.  They are not specifically targeted at eczema but sometimes they are still good for cooling the body after too much fried food or detoxing from too much junk food, etc.  You can purchase them cold or warm.  In the winter, I would also go and buy some Chinese soup from them from time to time to help build up health or warm the body.

For more information about the stores, you can visit their company website below:

Store Addresses and Telephone Details

健康工房 [Entrance to the Oneness World] 分店
HealthWorks Entrance to the Oneness World Shops
金鐘港鐵站大堂32號舖 (C出口)
Shop 32,Admiralty MTR Station (Exit C)
2861 2062
Shop TST3, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station (Exit D)
2377 1378
Shop KOT14, Kowloon Tong MTR Station (Inside gate)
2337 0031
觀塘港鐵站大堂 KWT26號舖 (C出口)
Shop KWT26, Kwun Tong MTR Station (Exit C)
2389 6280
LCK9 Lai Chi Kok MTR STN, Cheung Sha Wan Kowloon
2959 2858
Shop TSY55, Tsing Yi MTR Station
2435 0556
Shop TSW6, Tsuen Wan MTR Station
2891 8209
Shop 5, Tin Shui Wai Station, West Rail Line
2663 2400
Shop SHT39, Shatin MTR Station
2312 2532
健康工房 [自然般若] 分店(設有堂座)
HealthWorks “PRAJNA NATURE” Shops (With Dining Area)
Shop no. G404, Yuan Kung Mansion, No 20 Tai Koo Shing Rd,
Tai Koo Shing, H.K.
2560 1288
健康工房 [都會健康茶] 分店
HealthWorks “Chinese Urban Healing Tea” Shops
中環港鐵站大堂W7號舖 (環球大廈A出口)
Shop W7, Central MTR Station (Exit A Worldwide House)
2840 0518
Shop JOR12, Jordan MTR Station
2730 3003
葵芳港鐵站大堂KWF 9 號舖 (D出口)
Shop KWF 9, Kwai Fong MTR Station (Exit D)
2422 6698
黃大仙港鐵站大堂WTS 7-8號舖 (D出口)
Shop WTS 7-8, Wong Tai Sin MTR Station (Exit D)
2321 2682
九龍灣港鐵站大堂 KOB11號舖 (B出口)
Shop KOB11, Kowloon Bay MTR Station (Exit B)
2305 3823
香港中環置地廣場四樓ThreeSixty (Tea & Tonic Bar)
ThreeSixty, Shop 411-413 , 4/F, The Landmark,
Central, HongKong (Tea & Tonic Bar)
2111 5174
九龍站圓方1樓1090號舖 ThreeSixty (Tea & Tonic Bar)
ThreeSixty, Shop No. 1090, First Level at Elements,
Union Square, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station,
Kowloon(Tea & Tonic Bar)
2196 8076
健康工房 [季節自然郵] 分店(設有堂座)
HealthWorks “Nature Post” Shops (With Dining Area)
Unit 020, G /F, JUSCO Kornhill Store, Kornhill Plaza (South),
2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
2967 9943
HealthWorks Shops (With Dining Area)
Shop G20, G/F, Marina Square West Comm.
Blk Comm’l Development South Horizons, Apleichau H.K.
2870 0880
Shop 2113-2114, Level 2, Sunshine City Plaza, Ma On Shan, N.T.
2643 1777
Shop no. 2, G/F. 167-173 Castle Peak Rd., Tsuen Wan
2944 8292
Shop 1119-1120, 1/F, Comm Accommodation Metro City,
Phase 2, Tseung Kwan O,N.T.
3194 5091

A snack option for eczema / allergy sufferers – Zing Bar

In this post, I would like to share with readers a snack that I have been taking from time to time for the last six months after my recovery of chronic eczema condition.

The snack is called “Zing Bar” and it is essentially a “nutrition” bar that is made of organic certified ingredients with a good balance of protein, fibre and carbs.  There are a number of flavours, some are gluten-free, some are dairy-free, none have preservatives and all are made with 100% natural ingredients.  I have tried all the flavours, I think they taste good (so does my 5 year old son) and I think they are a good alternative to the typical over-the-counter savoury snack (chips/biscuits) or sugar-loaded snack (chocolate bars).

Nowadays, I often have a zing bar during a workout to replenish on my carbs and protein requirement and sometimes to satisfy my chocolate / sweet tooth craving.

Below is a screenshot of the available flavours.

Overview of Zing Bars

Overview of Zing Bars

For more information, you can visit their website:

In the website, you will see that the Zing Bar is an American-based product and retails for about HK$20 per bar in the USA.  In some places, you can even get it by the box of 12 for about HK$12 per bar, e.g.

In Hong Kong, I buy them from ThreeSixty at Elements Mall in Kowloon.  They go for HK$29 per bar (price as of Apr 2013) and if you buy 12, you get 2 free and so the price averages to HK$24 per bar if you buy 12.  Pricewise, it isn’t cheap and you probably thinking I can get 4 equivalent chocolate bars in a convenience store for that kind of money, but I think it is an good healthy alternative, especially if you want gluten-free or dairy-free products.

Additional note (as of May 2013):  If you purchase them bulk from ThreeSixty in Elements Mall, you can get HK$100 off by spending HK$1,000 in one go and join their wellness club for the first purchase.  Subsequently, you can get another HK$100 off for every HK$2,000 spent by accumulating 20 points on the wellness card (HK$50 per point).  This would take it to HK$22 per bar if you are willing to buy 48 bars in one go.  

To date, I haven’t seen the product being sold anywhere else in Hong Kong.  If any readers spot it in Hong Kong and for a cheaper price, do let me know and I will check it out and update this post.  Thank you in advance.

Greendotdot 點點綠 – Organic chainstore in Hong Kong

In this post, I would like to introduce a shop called “Greendotdot” to readers.  Greendotdot is a health and organic chain store with 18 stores located in Hong Kong.

Personally, I have not done much shopping in Greendotdot although I have done some window shopping and they seem to have a bit of everything.  Hence, I think it would be a useful reference for many people in Hong Kong, especially if you are finding it difficult to source organic / healthy food in your vicinity.  For more details of the locations of their stores, click here.

Greendotdot stock a range of goods including:

  • organic grain
  • organic honey, oil and seasoning
  • frozen organic meat
  • organic noodles, drinks and snacks

They have an online website with online shopping facilities, so users can also go and check out their products, pricing and shop online.  Their website is

I hope you find this post useful.

Eczema and snacks


Since my eczema has taken a turning for the worst 2 years ago and spread to every part of my body, I have been progressively very careful with my diet and try to only eat nutritious and healthy food so that I am not further intoxicating my body. For the last 3 months, I have now completely switch to organic food only, cut out grain 90% of the time and haven’t had any junk food. However, I am a sweet tooth and love my chocolate indulgence. I bought some ice lollies I saw in green at heart lately and just tried one. It was delicious and comforting…chilled coconut dipped in chocolate…no additives, preservatives, colouring, gluten…just basic ingredients…if only I can get these in 7-11.